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Coal Pulverizer Machine Coal Pulverizer Machine
  • Coal Pulverizer Machine
Coal Pulverizer Machine Details
Daily Capacity(t/d) 300-1500 kg/h
Final Moisture(%) --
Drying Temperature(°C) 350℃-450℃
Total Installed Power (Kw) 15-45 kw
Coal Pulverizer Machine Overview
Coal Pulverizer Introduction

Coal pulverizer machine is also called coal pulverizer crusher. Coal crusher grinder is of high-speed rotation so that complete of supply, crushing and wind transport characteristics in one. The pulverized coal is broken  0-15 mm coal into the powder particles of 80-120 mesh, and fed into the furnace with a pressure of 100-290 mm water column by the fan blade to form a full suspension combustion, achieve the best use.

Seven Advantages of Coal Pulverizers

1. Three level high-speed rotating synchronous grinding technology: coarse grinding-fine grinding-fine grinding, grinding pulverized coal fineness can reach more than 120 mesh;

2. Producing powder optimization technology, increase the efficiency of powder output;

3. Unique high-speed operation stability performance, low noise, good dynamic balance of equipment operation;

4. Wide application, can grind a variety of raw coal;

5. Good reliability, long continuous and stable running time;

5. Low power consumption, large output powder range, pulverizing capacity of 200 kg-4000 kg;

7. Low investment, lightweight equipment, compact structure, small footprint, wearing parts replacement investment is small.

Coal Pulverizer Machine Technical Parameter
Model Capacity(Kg/h) Power(KW) Air Flow(m3/h) Air Pressure(Pa) Outlet Diameter(mm)
Y6MF300 300 15--22 1300~1600 1300~2000 φ170
Y6MF600 600 22-30 2100~2800 φ180
Y6MF900T 900 30-37 2800~3650 φ220
Y6MF1500B 1500 37-45 2800~3650 φ220

Coal Pulverizer Machine Pictures


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