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Company culture

Company mission: Provide professional environmental protection and energy-saving drying equipment to create a happy and beautiful life for employees
"Providing professional environmental protection and energy-saving drying equipment" is the mission and duty of Dongding Dry; it is the requirement to play the overall advantages of Dongding Dry, create a first-class platform, cultivate first-class talents, and become the goal of domestic first-class and internationally renowned enterprises. Dongding Machinery provides a broad development platform for each employee to fully display their talents. Dongding Dry is a place for employees to realize their value in life and a place to create a happy life.
Company vision: domestic first-class, internationally renowned drying equipment company
Through the constant efforts, Dongding Dry has continuously consolidated its leading position in the drying equipment industry. At the same time, actively implement the "going out" strategy, give full play to the comprehensive advantages, open up the international market, and build Dongding Dry into a drying equipment company with outstanding brand advantages and strong international competitiveness, and realize the coordinated development of the international and domestic markets. This is our grand blueprint, our strategic guidance and cultural navigation, reflecting our eternal pursuit. Through continuous benchmarking and transcendence of resources, market and management, we are determined to become a comprehensive service provider of domestic first-class and internationally renowned drying equipment.
Core values: people-oriented
People are the fundamental purpose of development and the fundamental driving force for development. All for the employees and all rely on the employees. The unity of the two constitutes the complete content of people-oriented. Adhere to the development-driven development path, promote science and technology, manage innovation, build innovative enterprises, and achieve sustainable development; Dongding is pursuing a harmonious and win-win situation for employees, enterprises and customers.
Entrepreneurial spirit: seeking truth, being pragmatic, self-reliant and innovative
Seeking truth ----- constantly summing up its own characteristics, continuously exploring objective laws and realizing the scientific development of enterprises;
Pragmatic ----- everything goes from practice to practice, with ideal but not ideal;
Self-reliance ----- adhere to self-reliance, self-confidence, self-confidence, self-blame, down-to-earth, perseverance;
Innovation  ----- advance with the times, be brave in change, expand the direction of development, and create a development path.
Development concept: development for employees, development depends on employees, development results are shared by employees
To develop employees, we must focus on solving the most concerned, most direct and most realistic interests of employees, and truly implement the purpose of development to meet the needs of employees and improve the living standards of employees. The development results are shared by employees, which is reflected in the continuous improvement of employees' work and quality of life, and is reflected in the continuous improvement of employees' ideological and moral quality and scientific and cultural quality, which is reflected in the full protection of employees' economic, political, cultural and social rights.
Business philosophy: create value with customers
The value of the company's existence is reflected in the continuous creation of social value by providing satisfactory services to customers. The concept of “customer first, customer first” and creating value with customers will always be implemented in Dongding's dry production and operation activities. We must always consider our customers everywhere, and exceed our customers' expectations through our professional skills, scientific management and excellent service.
Team concept: professionalism, cooperation, learning, innovation, excellence
Professional is the basic quality of each employee. We use professional knowledge and professional spirit to complete professional work;
A single tree is not a forest, only cooperation can achieve great cause, in order to achieve the common growth and progress of the team and individuals;
There is no end to learning, and we must continue to learn, continue to enrich and continuously improve our business;
Not satisfying the status quo, continuous innovation is the eternal driving force for progress, no best, only better;
The pursuit of excellence is our unswerving goal and our commitment to our customers and society.

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