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  • Domestic CustomerVisit Our Bean Dregs Rotary Dryer Aug 20, 2020

    Fresh bean dregs water content is about 90%, its nutritional ingredient including crude protein content is high; After processed by soybean residues dewatering and drying machine, it is more convenient for storage, or for other purpose. After drying, ...

  • Drying poultry manure to protect the environment Aug 03, 2020

    Drying poultry manure to protect the environment ...

  • What is the price of organic waste residues drying equipment Jul 31, 2020

    Organic waste residues can be used after being dried. For example, potato residues, fungus residues, sauce residues, vinegar residues, etc. can be dried to make feed. The drying of these organic waste residues needs to be processed by rotary drum dryi ...

  • What is the working principle of Dongding Cow Dung Dewaterin Jul 28, 2020

    There is a hydraulic pump inside the machine, which will transport unfermented cow dung into dewatering machine. The screw shaft will press the liquid cow dung. Because of the pressure, the liquid cow dung will be out from the screen. And then you can ...

  • Coco Peat Drying System Introduction Jul 23, 2020

    Dongding Coco Peat Drying System includes dewatering part and rotary drying part. Coco peat dryer system can dry the initial moisture content of 60% to 15%, which is of high effciency. Coconut peat rotary dryer is applied to dry coconut pith, coconut ...

  • Why dry poultry manure? Jul 13, 2020

    Find out why poultry farmers should transform wet manure into consistently dry granulate. Drying Poultry Manure make excellent use of residual heat from poultry house air or electricity generationcorrect; Drying Poultry Manure reduce manure weight, re ...

  • How to dry large scale wet yeast? Jul 11, 2020

    Yeast dryer uses indirect conduction heating to heat the material and vaporize the water by using steam heating. The core technology is temperature control, which avoids killing the beneficial components in yeast. This yeast dryer drying cylinder usin ...

  • Chicken Manure Dryer is shipped to Ghana Jul 06, 2020

    Dongding provides specialized integrated solutions for customer. Because of enormous capability of research and development, Dongding can provide customized equipment addressing special project demands. In Dongding, we cherish each investment from cu ...

  • Advantages of Alfalfa Rotary Dryer Jul 04, 2020

    Alfalfa grass at harvest time has a water content of about 75-85%. Due to the need of storage, transportation and deep processing, alfalfa after harvest, in addition to green storage for self-use, as a commodity grass must be dried to make it less tha ...

  • How to improve rotary dryer’s efficiency? Jul 04, 2020

    There are 6 tips for improving the effciency of rotary dryer: 1. Improving temperature of drying medium of rotary dryer; 2. Improving flow rate of drying medium; 3. Improving internal structure of cylinder body of rotary dryer, adopting combined raise ...

  • How much is an organic fertilizer dryer machine? Jul 01, 2020

    1.Determine the output oforganic fertilizer equipment: such as how many tons are produced annually, or how many tons are produced in one hour, the price can be determined. The models of normal organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers are divided int ...

  • How to choose a suitable cow dung drying machine? Jun 30, 2020

    Dongding is a professional fertilizer machine manufacturer. A long as you let us know your requirements, we can provides you professional suggestions for help you choose suitable machines. Besides, it is available to customize for you. We can tailor ...

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