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How to Reduce the Heat Loss of Yeast Dryer?

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How to Reduce the Heat Loss of Yeast Dryer?
Yeast dryer 
 ( also called scraper drum dryer ) is specially for drying brewery yeast into animal feed. The dried yeast can creates economic benefits, but also reduces the pollution to the environment. Yeast dryer uses indirect conduction heating to heat the material and vaporize the water by using steam heating, then how to reduce the heat loss during the drying process of yeast dryer to increase the drying efficiency ?

1. Add Insulation
Adding a thermal insulation layer on the outer layer of the drum of the yeast dryer can effectively achieve the thermal insulation effect.
The insulation material should be selected according to the actual production situation of yeast dryer.

Yeast Dryer Made of Stainless steel 

2. Do a good job of sealing the yeast drying equipment
Generally, the yeast dryer body is a drum. We have to seal the drum probably to reduce the heat loss, and makes full use of thermal energy resources.

3 Add the fuel evenly
When adding fuel for the dryer, it needs to be added evenly to avoid adding too much or too little to ensure a good drying effect.

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