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How to Improve the Drying Efficiency of the Spent Grain Drye

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How to Improve the Drying Efficiency of the Spent Grain Dryer?

In the drying process of spent grain, there are many things that we need to pay attention to. For example, different drying methods are used for different materials, and the suitable equipment should be selected according to features of the raw material and capacity. There are some factors that affect the drying efficiency of the spent grain dryer

1. Water contented in the spent grain
The water in the spent grain includes interstitial water, free water, bound water, etc., Free water is easier to be evaporated, while mixed water is more difficult to be evaporated. So the choice of spent grain dryer is very important in this case. Besides, for some spent grains with high moisture content and high viscosity, in addition to selecting the suitable type of spent grains dryer, attention should also be paid to prolong the residence time of the material inside the dryer’s drum.

2. Features of spent grains
The spent grains with high viscosity are not easy to be dried. The Problems such as blockage or overlong time of drying are easy to occur during the drying process. It will have a great impact on the drying efficiency of the spent grain dryer. Therefore, for high-humidity and high-viscosity spent grains, the dryer also needs to be designed for anti sticking.

3.Operations during the drying process of spent grains
During the drying process, there are many ways to improve the drying efficiency of the spent grain dryer. For example, for the raw material with high moisture, we should check that the moisture content should be within the specified range. For spent grains with thigh moisture content, it can be pre-dewatered in a certain degree before drying. Besides, the even feeding of the raw material should be payed attention to, in cases that it would exceed the load of the dryer and reduce the drying efficiency.

4. The operator needs to be trained before operating the spent grain dryer.
The personnel who operate the equipment need to be familiar with the structure of each part of the spent grains dryer, and to operate in accordance with the operating instructions of the spent grains dryer to achieve the purpose of improving drying efficiency.

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