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what type of dust removal equipment is usually suitable for

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what type of dust removal equipment is usually suitable for sawdust dryer plant

In generally, It will generate some wood dust and exhaust gas from the combustion of heat sources during the drying process of sawdust. In order to meet the customer's local environmental protection requirements, generally, some dust removal equipment will be equipped on the full dying plant to control and purify the dust and exhaust during the wood chip drying process. What’s the dust removal equipment is, and what type of dust removal equipment is usually suitable for sawdust drying?

1.Cyclone dust collector

Cyclone dust collector is generally used to collect particles above 5-15 microns, the efficiency can reach more than 80%. The equipment is composed of cylinder, cone, air inlet pipe, air outlet pipe, ash discharge pipe, etc. The structure is simple, the volume is small, no special auxiliary equipment is needed, and the cost is low. And it also have the advantages of medium resistance, no moving parts in the device, convenient operation and maintenance, etc.

2. Wet dust collector
Wet dust collector uses a combination of water and air pressure to 'scrub' dust from the air. This kind of dust collector can be used in coal, mining, ceramics, printing and dyeing, casting, refractory materials, boilers and other industries to remove dust and filter toxic substances. It features simple structure, convenient installation, reliable operation, high dust removal efficiency, etc.

3. Bag type dust collector
The dust removal efficiency of the bag type dust collector is high, and there is no secondary adsorption of dust. It is especially suitable for processing high-concentration flue gas. It uses high-temperature flue gas to blow back to effectively prevent condensation and bag sticking. 
It features reliable flue gas tracking system; fully automatic computer control, easy operation and maintenance, good reliability; and the air box structure reduces local resistance, and avoids the inconvenience of filter bag installation, etc. 

In general, cyclone dust removal and wet dust collector are better solution for the sawdust dryer plant, which can remove sawdust dust and heat source waste gas. The actual situation varies from different customers, and the specific method should be customized according to the customer's local environmental protection policy and investment budget.

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