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How to Dry Alfalfa Grass Fast

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How to Dry Alfalfa Grass Fast
Alfalfa grass is rich in protein, crude fiber, vitamins and trace elements. The moisture content of dried alfalfa grass is about 12%, which meets the requirements of alfalfa grass storage or silage processing and production. So how to dry alfalfa fast? The following will take you to understand the alfalfa drying process in detail.

Generally, the triple pass rotary drum dryer is commonly used in alfalfa drying

This alfalfa drying plant has the advantages of large output, high efficiency and energy saving and small floor area. It is especially suitable for drying high-moisture materials such as forage grass when used in conjunction with clean hot blast stoves, and can quickly dry the alfalfa from the moisture content of 65-75% to 14-12%. Dry forage retains the nutrients of forage, with bright color and fragrance

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