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The Yeast Dryer is Going to be Shipped

Source:http://www.dryer-equipment.com Time:2022-04-21 Writer:ddjx
Yeast dryer ( also called scraper drum dryer ) is used to dry the waste yeast liquor produced by the brewery through indirect heating. And the dried yeast powder usually used as high-quality feed additives.
This full yeast dryer plant is tailored for one of our African customers. It can process the yeast with water content of 85% to the dried power though drying and grinding. And the processing capacity is 60-75kg/h.

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Zhengzhou Dongding, as a professional manufacturer of drying equipment, can design the plan according to the demands of customers, and provide a variety of heat sources for use, in order to meet the environmental standards.

Please contact us when you need a dryer equipment, we will provide you with a professional drying plan in the shortest time at a reasonable price. Get your own solution!

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