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How to Dry the Spent Grain into Animal Feed

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How to Dry the Spent Grain into Animal Feed

The wet brewery spent grain can be dried and processed into high-quality animal feed pellets due to the crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber and trace elements contained in it.
Generally the animal feed generally has requirements for the content of components, such as the content of crude fiber shall not exceed 16%, and the content of protein and fat shall not be less than 29%; the moisture content not exceeding 12%.
However, the high water content and the nutritional content of the wet brewery spent grains is not up to the standard (the wet spent grain is about 5% of crude protein, 2% of crude fat, 3% of crude fiber, 85% of water and 0.5% of ash). Moreover, high moisture affects the storage and transportation performance of brewery spent grains. And direct discharge of the spent grain will not only wastes the resources, but also causes environmental pollution.


The spent grain feed production line of our company can dehydrate and dry the wet brewery grains into dried spent grain powder (the dried spent grain powder before granulation after drying, the tested components are as follows: crude protein 27.5%; crude fat 8.9%; crude fiber 4.5%; moisture 9.5%; Ash content 2.5%). Then by adding some auxiliary materials, makes it into high-quality animal feed pellet, which realizes the efficient utilization of wet brewery spent grain.
Now, this spent grain dryer line is well received by domestic and foreign feed enterprises and breeding enterprises.

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