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Brewery spent grain dryer

Brewery spent grain dryer

  • 【Daily Capacity(t/d)】:300-4500kg/h
  • 【Final Moisture(%)】:10±2% Adjustable
  • 【Drying Temperature(°C)】:>380℃
  • 【Total Installed Power (Kw)】:34-155KW
Brewery spent grain dryer Overview
Brewery Spent Grain Dryer Introduction
Brewer's spent grain (BSG) or vinasse is the by product from brewery process. It contents a large amounts of nutrients such as undecomposed crude protein, crude fiber and crude fat, etc. After being processed, the dried vinasse/distiller's grains are good materials for animal feed production.
The brewery spent grain dryer of our company, firstly through pre dehydration can dry the wet spent grains from the moisture of about 85%, to the final products with moisture of about 10% . At present, this set of equipment has been put into use in many domestic beer enterprises and feed processing enterprises.

Brewery Spent Grain Dryer Plant System

Brewer's spent grains dryer mainly consists of heat source, feeding machines, feeder, rotary drum, discharging machine, draft fan, discharge and power distribution cabinet.   
The brewery spent grain drying plant process as following: wet BSG-stirring to uniform--preliminary dehydration--drying--crushing--packing; then the final product sold into the market.
If the moisture content of the raw spent grain is higher than 75%-80%, which needs the screw dehydrator to reduce the moisture content to 62-65%, then go into the drying process, the final moisture after drying can reach 12-15%; We can also offer the packing machine after the drying and crushing. We have the packing machine for 25kg/bag,50kg/bag, which can adjust according to your requirement. We can also offer the full pellet plant, by adding some auxiliary materials, makes it into high-quality animal feed pellet, which realizes the efficient utilization of wet brewery spent grain.

Advantage of Brewery Spent Grain Dryer
1.The main components of the equipment are made of high-end materials, with reliable quality, and the service life is 3-5 times that of ordinary dryers.
2. Installation of combined lifting device, makes high thermal efficiency and good drying effect.
3. The dust removal device installed in the equipment can completely avoid the dust pollution in the process of operation and meet the production requirements of environmental protection.
4. In the drying process of the equipment, the heat energy loss is very low, the energy consumption is reduced, and the production cost is lower.
5. The flow of distiller's grains is controlled by frequency conversion speed regulation, and the final moisture can be easily controlled according to the needs of users.
6. It is equipped with a new type of energy-saving hot blast stove, which is highly efficient and energy-saving, thermal controllable, and reduces the operating cost.

Product Parameter
Device Specification DDJG1210 DDJG1410 DDJG1610 DDJG2010/3 DDJG2210/3 DDJG2510/3 DDJG2512/3 DDJG2912/3
Daily Processing Capacity(t/d) 33.6 40.8 58.9 131.4 145.0 167.7 204.0 247.0
Daily Output(t/d) 15.6 19.2 27.7 61.8 68.2 78.9 96.0 116.2
Water Evaporation Capacity (t/h) 0.75 0.90 1.30 2.90 3.20 3.70 4.50 5.45
Raw Material Water Content(%) 60±5%
Dried Material Water Content(%) 12-15%(adjustable)
Drying Temperature (℃) 350-550℃
Total Weight(kg) 32 40 55 95 100 125 145 165
Plant Area(m2) 15000 17000 21500 26500 28500 370000 41000 45500
Device Specification 5m*14m 5m*14m 6m*16m 8m*16m 8m*16m 10m*16m 10m*18m 10m*20m

we can also provide customized models according to your needs

If you want to know more about Brewery spent grain dryer, please leave a message or send an email to Dongding@zzddjt.com

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