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Sawdust Rotary Drum Dryer

Sawdust Rotary Drum Dryer

  • 【Daily Capacity(t/d)】:63-268 T/D
  • 【Final Moisture(%)】:12%-15%
  • 【Drying Temperature(°C)】:270℃±3
  • 【Total Installed Power (Kw)】:78-135KW
Sawdust Rotary Drum Dryer Overview
Sawdust Rotary Drum Dryer Introduction

Sawdust dryer is manufactured to improve the thermal value of sawdust and for the environmental protection. It can dry the wood waste with the moisture from 65-50% to 15-10% at one time. And it also reduces the floor space of dryer, improve the efficiency of the drying process.  
we can provide wood chips dryer plant, which includes heating part, feeding machine, crushing machine, rotary dryer, discharging machine and cyclone dust collector. We can also offer the full Drying and Pelleting Plant in order to make a one-stop solution for our customers. Dongding is professional wood chip dryer manufacturer, has got popular at home and abroad.

Sawdust Dryer System

Sawdust Rotary Drum Dryer Working Principle

Firstly, sawdust is transported to the rotary drum dryer by the belt conveyor. Because of the inclination of drum dryer, material with hot air moves to the end of dryer body, during which process wet material gets fully contact with the hot air. After drying, most of the dry material is discharged through the belt conveyor. The left material mixed with dust continue goes into the cyclone dust collector and the bag dust collector in sequence, where the dust will be collected. Lastly, with the function of induced draft fan, the left material will discharged through the conveyor.

Sawdust Rotary Drum Dryer Features

1. Compared with the single-drum dryer, the length of the machine is shortened by 50%, reducing the building area and saving about 40% project investment.
2. Multiple Heating Source. Customers can choose the heating source according their situation, we can design the customized solutions.
3. Designed Inner Structure For Sawdust Material. High drying efficiency to 90-95%.
4. The system is equipped with PLC system and video monitoring system, with a high degree of automation and simple operation.
5. The system has a unique sealing structure, no thermal energy leakage.  
6. Low investment, low operating cost, and short investment recovery time.
7. Use the best quality parts, make sure the safe and reliable operation.

Parts of Sawdust Rotary Dryer Site

Sawdust Dryer Technical Parameter

Model  DDSG2010/3   DDSG2210/3   DDSG2510/3    DDSG2512/3  DDSG2912/3 
Output Capacity(t/d) 63.5-144.5 67.5-154.0 83.5-193.0 100-227.0 120.0-268.0
 Vaporization(t/h)   1.850  1.976 2.427 2.912 3.432
Early moisture(%) 35-60% 35-60% 35-60% 35-60% 35-60%
Final moisture(%) 12-15% 12-15% 12-15% 12-15% 12-15%
270℃±3 270℃±3 270℃±3 270℃±3 270℃±3
Total motor power(kw) 78 85 110 125 135
Total weight(kg) 25000 27000 35000 38000 43500
Plant area(m) 8m*18m 10m*18m 10m*18m 10m*20m 10m*20m

Except above models, we also can supply special model according to your requirements.

If you want to know more about Sawdust Rotary Drum Dryer, please leave a message or send an email to Dongding@zzddjt.com

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