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Lignite Rotary Drum Dryer

Lignite Rotary Drum Dryer

  • 【Daily Capacity(t/d)】:300-2000T/D
  • 【Final Moisture(%)】:11±2%
  • 【Drying Temperature(°C)】:>380℃
  • 【Total Installed Power (Kw)】:34-155KW
Lignite Rotary Drum Dryer Overview
Lignite Rotary Drum Dryer Introduction
Lignite generally has the disadvantages of high humidity (30%-50%), low ignition point and large carbon dioxide emissions. The direct combustion of the non-extraction lignite raw coal, will bring serious problems of high environmental pollution, and increase the cost of plant installation and operation. Besides, higher water content leads to transportation cost increasing.
To solve the above problems of lignite properties, Zhengzhou Dongding Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. developed of a new lignite drying system, DDHG series lignite coal rotary dryer of high-efficiency drum drying technology. Our technical personnels take full account of the characteristics of lignite, design the special internal structure of the cylinder, which further strengthens the anti-breakage of the unity block material, not only improving the thermal efficiency, but also effectively avoiding the excessive drying phenomenon of coal in the cylinder. Through the drying and dehydration treatment of lignite, the system can effectively improve the calorific index and storage performance of lignite, so that the indexes meet the requirements of commodity power coal, and have obvious economic, environmental and social benefits.

Lignite Rotary Drum Dryer Drying Process Description
Firstly, wet material is crushed by the crushing machine, transported to the screw conveyor by the belt conveyor, then go into the rotary drum, after drying, most of the dry material will be discharged through the belt conveyor, the left material will go into the cyclone dust collector, where the dust will be collected, with the function of induced draft fan, the left material will discharged through the conveyor.

Lignite Rotary Drum Dryer Advantages
1. The hot flue gas directly contacts with the materials, sufficient heat exchange and high production capacity.
2, Reasonable system configuration, it can use part of coal powder drying for fuel production, reduce costs and secondary pollution.
3, The system is equipped with PLC control system and video monitoring system, with a high degree of automation and simple operation;
4, The system through a unique sealing structure, no leakage, completely solve the sealing difficulties, to achieve a full range of non-oxidation negative pressure operation, eliminate the possibility of lignite combustion explosion, safe and reliable operation;
5, Low investment, low operating cost and and short investment recovery time.
Product parameter
specification Processing capacity (T/D) Initial moisture (%) Final moisture (%) Total power (kw) Floor area (m2) Note
DDHG1924 300±10 40±5 20±2 128 8m*35m --
DDHG2226 500±10 40±5 20±2 165 8m*40m --
DDHG2528 700±12 40±5 20±2 213 8m*40m --
DDHG2832 1000±15 40±5 20±2 310 8m*45m --
DDHG3136 1500±20 40±5 20±2 446 10m*50m --
DDHG3440 2000±30 40±5 20±2 658 12m*60m --


Product System:


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