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4t/h Biomass Pellet Plant

Source:http://www.dryer-equipment.com Time:2021-06-25 Writer:admin

Customer's requirement:

Raw Material: wood, bark and log
Initial Moisture: 50%
Final Moisture: 10%
Capacity: 4T/H

Equipment Involved:

Chipping Machine                      1set
Hammer Mill                                1set
Biomass Burner                         1set
Rotary Drum Dryer                     1set
Cyclone Dust Collector             1set
Hopper                                          2sets
Pellet Machine                             4sets
Sifting Machine                            1set
Packaging Machine                    1set

Details as followings:


If you want to know more about 4t/h Biomass Pellet Plant, please leave a message or send an email to Dongding@zzddjt.com

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