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70 kg/h Beer Yeast Drying Machine

Source:http://www.dryer-equipment.com Time:2020-07-11 Writer:admin

Raw Material: Yeast liquid
Capacity: 70 KG/H
Final Moisture: 10%
Site: Guizhou, China.
Cooperative Party A : China Resources Snow Breweries(one of the best beer enterprises in China)
Time: Oct, 2019
Main Equipment Involved:

Yeast Dryer                                 1 set
Dry yeast Mill                              1 set
Exhaust Fan                               1 set
Screw Conveyor                        1 set
Dry Yeast Collector Device      1 set
Main Reducer                             1 set
Frequency Converter                 1 set        

Main Technical Parameter:

Drying Temperature: 140

Steam Consumption: ≤450kg/h

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