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Correct Operation Instructions of Corn Straw Dryer

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Correct Operation Instructions of Corn Straw Dryer

The corn straw dryer needs to be strictly implemented in accordance with the manufacturer's operating instructions to avoid equipment failure due to improper operation of the corn straw dryer, which will affect the stable production of the corn stalk dryer. What should we pay attention to when operate the corn straw dryer.   

1. Before turning on the power, the operator should check the connection status of each part of the corn straw dryer to see if the bolts are loose, if there is a lack of parts, if the lubricating oil for each part is sufficient, and whether the connection of each line is normal. If the parts are found to be loose or missing, the operator needs to fasten or replace the parts in time; if it is found that the lubricating oil is missing, it needs to be added in time. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the connections of each line are normal.

2. When the corn straw dryer is in operation, the operator must check the incoming and outgoing of materials from time to time to avoid material blockage to affect the normal operation of the corn straw dryer. Once the corn straw dryer is up and running, it will not stop in a short period of time. Then the operator needs to check the operation of the equipment regularly. Once the equipment goes wrong, if it can not be solved in a short time, it needs to be shut down for inspection immediately to avoid more serious problem. If it does not affect the production operation, it can be solved in a short time, and there is no need to stop the machine.

3.The technicians need to maintain the corn straw dryer regularly, such as equipment parts, lubricating oil, rust removal parts, etc.

Although the straw dryer system adopts automatic control and is easy to operate, once the equipment has an emergency failure, inexperienced operators cannot make the correct treatment, and cannot make correct judgments and treatments for some potential safety hazards. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen the equipment operation training for operators. Operation training can make the operators to master more relevant knowledge and improve their work skills, which can reduce operation failures of the corn straw dryer and ensure the stable operation of the equipment.
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