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Food waste dryer introduction

Source:http://www.dryer-equipment.com Time:2019-03-21 Writer:admin
Food waste dryer,also called food waste disposer,compost machine,food waste recycling machine,kitchen waste disposal dryer, waste recycling machine,waste management machine,biodigester,composting food waste dryer, waste food collection, according to dewatering the waste by Dongding dryer,which shows how to recycle the waste food, providing the best solution for them. 
Dongding dryers are available in a range of 30-240 tons per day, up to industrial scale solutions that can process 240 tonnes per day.
Dongding dryers are powered by electricity with heating provided by gas, steam, electricity or thermal oil. The processing times and costs vary and are dependent upon the type of waste being treated and the water content. 
Dongding dryers are uniquely tolerant of packaged wastes. During the drying process any non-organic packaging (e.g. plastic and foil) is broken apart allowing the organic waste to be dried with the packaging remaining available for recovery through a simple screening process.
The resultant organic waste powder has significant calorific value as a Biomass fuel or quality feedstock. Traceable vegetable and fruit waste can be processed to produce quality feedstock for use in animal feeds.

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