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What kind of equipment can dry Brewer's spent grain ?

Source:http://www.dryer-equipment.com Time:2020-12-22 Writer:ddjx

Brewer's spent grain (BSG) or draff as the leftovers that is a byproduct of the brewing industry have been ignored all the time. With the progress of society and the development of science, people have gradually found a way to reuse the BSG in order to reduce the waste of resources. People find that the (BSG) can used as animal feed after air dried naturally. However, the natural air drying can take a long time and the drying degree cannot be guaranteed.Then, is there any way to dry the Brewer's spent grain quickly , so as to realize the reuse of the Brewer's spent grain?  Now Let me introduce the Brewer's spent grain dryer for you

In order to meet market demand, Zhengzhou Dongding Drying Equipment produced the dryer specially for the drying of Brewer's spent grain. Most of the Brewer's spent grain dryer is the direct heating type rotary dryer. However, the steam dryer uses the indirect drying system. The waste heat is exchanged with Brewer's spent grain through the tubes to dry and dehydrate. Therefore, the internal structure of the dryer specially for the Brewer's spent grain dryer varies from the heat sources.

Zhengzhou Dongding, as a professional manufacturer of Brewer's spent grains, can design the plan according to the demands of customers, and provide a variety of heat sources for use, in order to meet the environmental standards.
Please contact us when you need a Brewer's spent grain. We will provide you with a professional drying plan in the shortest time. Looking for our cooperation!

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