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What should be noticed when operating a large scale sawdust

Source:http://www.dryer-equipment.com Time:2021-06-22 Writer:ddjx
What should be noticed when operating a large scale sawdust dryer 
The large-scale sawdust dryer is with the large processing capacity and high working efficiency. There maybe some problems during it's working, so how can we avoid the problems of large sawdust dryer equipment? What’s should be paid attention to when the operating of large scale sawdust dryer. 

1. Checking work.
The operator needs to do a good job in checking of the sawdust dryer equipment; related safety inspections, and check whether the various parts are loose or lack of oil or wear, and if problems occur, repair or replace them in time;

2.  Pay attention to the moisture content of sawdust.
When running the sawdust dryer, it is necessary to pay attention to the input moisture of sawdust. If you want to improve the work efficiency, then the materials need to be controlled according to the manufacturer's operating guide. If the moisture content is high, before drying, you need to use the dehydration equipment to control the moisture content within a certain degree;

3. Feeding at even speed is required.
The large sawdust dryer needs to fed at a even speed, which not only has a good drying effect, but also prevents the sawdust from clogging.

4. Regular maintenance.
Regular maintenance is needed for a Large-scale sawdust dryer, which can not only ensure the normal use of each section, but also extend the service life of the dryer.

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