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Electrifying test of Shuangxin coal slime project

Source:http://www.dryer-equipment.com Time:2019-01-03 Writer:admin
Now it is time for the electrical test for the system, the purpose of which is to see if the whole system can work rightly, and to adjuest the electrical apparatus timely.

Inner Mongolia Shuangxin Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. (also known as: Inner Mongolia Shuangxin Resources Group Co., Ltd.), founded in July 2000, is located in Inner Mongolia Eerduosi chessboard well Industrial park.
As a large energy chemical group with some influence in Inner Mongolia and even the whole country, mainly engaged in coal, electricity, PVA, limestone, silicon metal, finance and other industries product development, production and sales, has formed an industrial scale: annual output of 14 million tons of raw coal, coal washing 14.6 million tons, power generation 2.8 billion degrees, Calcium carbide 1 million tons, PVA15 tons, special fiber 30,000 tons, LNG40 million tons, activated carbon 20,000 tons and cement clinker 750,000 tons.


Type; Coal slime three- layer rotary drum dryer

Capacity: 50T/H          Add: Inner Mongolia             Equipment slection: SG3024             Floor area: 30mx144m

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